A Drinking Game for the Activist. What's your TOLERANCE?

“TOLERANCE”, a performance art piece created to demonstrate the public's opinion on news issues caused by intolerance. The objective is to use social media to draw attention to how desensitized we've become to events that should have an impact on us. The participants, each following news sources on Twitter, read tweets to represent different opinions surrounding the topic of political tolerance/intolerance. We cheers and drink beer whenever someone recites a tweet. The participants represent neutrality and will not express personal feelings toward a tweet. However, the performance will change the more drunk we become. All viewers are encouraged to grab a beer, cheers and drink with us.   @TolerancErikabb

Photos of Election Night 2018
Video of Gaza Conflict 2014

Past Performances:
"TOLERANCE" U.S. Politics - Dixon Place, New York, NY 2019

"TOLERANCE" Government Shutdown - Dixon Place, New York, NY 2019

"TOLERANCE" Election Anniversary - Dixon Place, New York, NY 2018

"TOLERANCE" U.S. Politics - Dixon Place, New York, NY 2018

"TOLERANCE" U.S. Politics - Dixon Place, New York, NY 2017

"TOLERANCE" U.S. Politics - KCBC, Brooklyn, NY 2017

"TOLERANCE" Black Lives Matter - Union Square, New York, NY 2015

"TOLERANCE" Gaza Conflict - Belalcazar, Spain 2014

Erika Boudreau-Barbee

New York, United States

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