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The Pain Project

In January 2018, I started a journaling process to try and understand my daily physical pain. Each pain is represented by an impression of the body using black face paint. As I laid my spine down on the paper, I felt relaxation and relief. These paintings are how I am honoring my pain.  One year and three journals later, I have made lifestyle changes and have connected with more people wanting to talk about their pain than I could ever have imagined.

This performance was a walking tour for the audience. They were instructed to walk along the fence line, where a copy of each print had been hung. I was in the distant background dancing each journal entry's day of pain. The performance was followed by a talk back.

The Pain Project - Performance I

April 2018 Rurart Residency (Quebec, CA)
Exhibition Performance and Artist Talk
Duration: 30 min

Photos credit: Martin Mailhot

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