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C3 (Codes, Choreography, and a Cube) -  2020

C3 is a dance, installation and visual art piece created from algebraic formulas of a cubed structure. Dancers perform the mathematical formula inside the cube, choreographed to the algebraic expressions of the cube itself, with each movement matching a number. The sides of the cube contain cable wire, creating divisions, with each side doubling in divisions to the adjoining side. Corresponding to the performance and installation elements are handmade cyanotype prints. These blueprints show algebraic equations and graphs of the choreography. The canvas work is the dance written numerically in pattern, designed with the idea to watch and read the dance at the same time. This work highlights mathematical dance notation.

C3 is meant to challenge us to think about dance a little differently. Everything in our world is mathematical, the dance is always available. The hope for the future of this project is to pass along the code of the dance, much like giving a musician a score. The new choreographer would create their own movement but we would all be dancing the same dance, the dance of a cube. 

Performance Details:

There are 4 dancers performing inside the cube, and myself as the director sitting outside of the cube. The first dancer holds the pattern while the other 3 are directed to come in and out at various times. This weaving is not preset and each performance offers its own unique flow and surprise synchronicity. The dancers coming into and out of the cube start and stop their pattern where they left off. The performance lasts roughly 4 hours. 

 *rehearsal video


Julia Galanski (dancer, collaborator, co-choreographer)

Joseph Harris (dancer, collaborator, installation builder)

Shiloh Hodges (dancer, collaborator, co-choreographer)

Rebekah Morin (dancer, collaborator, installation builder)

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