C3 (Codes, Choreography, and a Cube)

C3 (work-in-progress) created using mathematics, demonstrates a right-brain left-brain connection. This work is meant to highlight dance notation as math and touch on the idea that data is everywhere and everything is data. C3 is comprised of several pieces showing choreographic data. The components are as follows: the cube, blueprints, and the dance.


I am currently preserving data for the mathematic visual representations of the project using cyanotype processes to create my own blueprints. The following images reflect choreographic pattern. ​In the first image, each square represents a phrase of choreography, with phrase length determined by square size. In the second, each number corresponds to a movement. The choreography starts at the center and spirals outward, in an ode to the mathematician Fibonacci.

Erika Boudreau-Barbee

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